Braylee Qualls

Name Braylee Qualls  ( BrayBray or Baby Bubba )
Date of birth 03-Dec-2013
Date of shaking/injury 30-Dec-2013
Survivor Yes
Braylee Aiden Qualls was born 12/03/13 into a dysfunctional family. Nonetheless he was a normal, beautiful, healthy baby boy. On 12/30/13 his life was forever changed. He was shaken so severely that Drs. didn't expect him to make it. He stayed on life support for Nearly a month. That didn't take away his will to live and it couldn't take away his incredible smile. At the age of 3yrs. His surgeries amount to 3, his hospital stays extend to 5 wks. at one time, and are still ongoing. It has been 3yrs and Braylee still hasn't had justice. His a
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