Tyler Robin

Name Tyler Robin  ( Ty )
Date of birth 10-Jun-2006
Date of shaking/injury 07-Oct-2006
Survivor Yes
Tyler was adopted at the age of four years old. He was shaken by his biological mother, and his parent's rights were severed when he was still a newborn baby. He was making tremendous strides in accomplishing educational goals, playing sports, and learning to play the piano. At the age of 10 years old, Tyler suffered a cognitive decline and a brain scan showed frontal lobe damages, a burr hole, and fragments left from his original shunt surgery from the age of 4 months old. At 11 1/2, Tyler is developmentally delayed of a child no more than kindergarten age. He does well in school but is chronologically much younger cognitively than his peers, therefore, being social at school is a challenge for him. Today, he is aggressively angry and suffers short-term memory loss, but has been prescribed anti-seizure medication that curtails many of the extreme emotions he displays. Since the actual brain injury has been discovered many years later, he has not received therapy nor services to help him become a productive independent adult in the near future. We are struggling as best that we can to make sure Tyler receives all the TLC and delayed services to succeed in life.
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