Kai Edmunds

Name Kai Edmunds  ( Kai-Kai )
Date of birth 27-Oct-2005
Date of shaking/injury 22-May-2007
Survivor Yes
My son was shaken at 18 months old by a caregiver. During the shaking his head impacted the wall, leaving a large dent in the drywall. He was left for 8 hours before checked on and found unconscious, one pupil fixed and dilated with labored breathing and on the brink of death. He had a fractured skull, severe hematoma, retinal nerve damage and spent the next few weeks in the PICU on life support. He was 3 years old when he started walking again. He is now 12 years old. He has right side hemiparesis, intellectual delays, is legally blind, and has a seizure disorder. He fights everyday to overcome the challenges given to him the moment he was shaken. What a thing it is to know my son!
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