Kaiden Gullidge

Name Kaiden Gullidge  ( Bug )
Date of birth 22-Jan-2010
Date of shaking/injury 18-Jan-2011
Survivor No
Date of death 20-Jan-2011
I lost my grandson to SBS the week of his first birthday. It took almost 5 years for a trial. The woman only received 4 years and was released in 2 years. He was the sweetest, most personable little boy. He loved people and always had a smile and baby talk for everyone. He was a miracle baby,my daughter had been told she wouldn't be able to have children. He was a joy and made the world brighter. My daughter was an awesome mom and lost her right to be a mom by the senseless actions of another. My daughter has had difficulty dealing with his loss. It was made more difficult when the woman was released early. He was the most awesome little boy and I miss him every day.
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