The Shaken Baby Alliance began in 1998 in Fort Worth by three mothers whose children were victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome and could find no resources or support.  SBA saw a specific need, developed partnerships with stakeholders across the state and nation, and implemented a plan to address child physical abuse in the State of Texas and beyond.  
For over twenty-one years, SBA has supported victim families and children in need while developing into a nationally recognized forensic training and case consultation agency for professionals in the field of child physical abuse.  SBA offers three services:  Victim Family Services, Professional Support (Training and Case Consultations) and Prevention Education.  In 1998 the Alliance obtained its 501 (c) 3 status. Since that time, we supported 6,434 victim family members, trained 27,947 multi-disciplinary forensic professionals, provided 2,070 case consultations for investigators and legal personnel, and educated over 11,000 students. Victim Family Support and Prevention Education are offered free of charge. 
Over the past 20+ years, SBA has grown into a nationally recognized forensic training and case consulting agency for professionals involved in child physical abuse cases. SBA has partnered with leading experts in the field of child abuse, along with agencies throughout the United States to produce best practice training to meet the needs multidisciplinary professionals. Based on its success with its multidisciplinary training in forensic child abuse, DFPS asked SBA in 2011 to develop training curriculum related to crimes against the elderly and people with disabilities. This was a natural progression for our forensic training since children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities are all vulnerable victims. In 2011, SBA provided 6 state funded elder abuse investigative trainings for the entire state. We will be offering public trainings in fall 2021. 
 No other agency provides the three-pronged service focus on child physical abuse and Abusive Head Trauma.  Only SBA blends the allied core services of Victim Family Support, Professional Support (Investigative Training and Case Consultation) and Prevention.  As such, we may be involved in a case from the date of the abuse, when we meet the victim family, to the training of First Responders and law enforcement who investigate the case, to the legal professional who calls for help in development of the legal case. Our prevention programs have served professional, community, and student needs for years.  SBA’s current plan includes improving and increasing our local services. We believe increased local awareness and targeted education on the preventable nature of child abuse will lead to reductions in physical child abuse in Tarrant County.
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