Case Consultation Services

To date, all of our case consults have resulted in successful legal outcomes and the demand for our quality services have skyrocketed due to this success. In 2016, we consulted on over 150 cases. Case Consultation Services are routinely requested by both defense and prosecuting attorneys, investigators, and other child welfare professionals and our offered on a sliding scale throughout the United States.

Our services provide technical support during the various phases of the case from offense through prosecution. These services may include on scene investigative support, identification of critical forensic evidence, and technical support in processing the scene using photography, diagrams, and the narrative, development of interview questions and/or techniques, identifying the forensic experts needed for a particular type of case based on the injury(ies) to the child/elder person, development of demonstrative evidence (court exhibits), and other assistance requested by professionals involved in crimes against children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. SBA trainings often elicit requests by attending professionals who ask to have a case staffed when they see the level of expertise The Shaken Baby Alliance provides to professionals involved in these highly complex cases.

Due to our extensive collaboration with forensic experts throughout the US and the world, SBA is uniquely positioned to assemble a team of professional experts working collectively on complex cases. Although our Case Consultation Services experts donate much of their time to this program, many cases require additional paid experts such as forensic pediatricians, geriatric specialists, bio-mechanical experts, etc. These cases often result in travel expenditures by program staff, material expenses (dolls, medical models, court exhibits, other demonstrative evidence), and other related personnel expenses.

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