The Shaken Baby Alliance's mission is to provide SUPPORT for victim families and professionals, PREVENTION of child abuse, and JUSTICE for the innocent victims of child abuse. The agency was founded in 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas, when three mothers whose children were victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome could find no resources or support. Since then, the Alliance has assisted over 250 affected family members per year, trained over 5,000 high schoolers to manage a crying baby, provided advanced forensic investigation training and child abuse prevention training to over 1,500 professionals each year, and consulted on over 150 case annually.

SBA's core expertise is reflected in our three programs:

(1) Family Support: We reach families that are often left behind and not served by other programs, helping with everything from emotional support to assistance navigating through the Special Education, health, and legal systems.

(2) Training: We provide a full range of forensic investigative training programs for professionals including law enforcement, child protection, medical practitioners, and legal professionals related to child physical abuse and child welfare issues. As crying is the number one trigger for Shaken Baby Syndrome, we offer education on coping methods to high school students and child care professionals.

(3) Case Consultation: We provide case consultation services nationwide related to crimes against children and the elderly. These services include assistance with crime scene investigation, timeline development, or visual aids and recommendation for expert witnesses to be used.


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