Family Victim Support

When a child is abused, family members are thrust into a situation that is frightening, frustrating, and often devastating on many levels including emotional, financial, and physical. The Shaken Baby Alliance offers services to these families including our Peer to Peer  Support Program to provide emotional support during this very difficult time. Often, just knowing that one is not alone in this situation is helpful to families in crisis and allows them to deal with their anger and grief so they can focus on the most important aspect of all – their child.

In addition to this very vital emotional support, The Shaken Baby Alliance provides education about the specific injuries sustained by the child to the family, most often at the request of the professionals involved in the case. This one on one peer support and education often gives families a chance to ask questions and freely talk about their situation without fear.

Once the immediate crisis involving the injury(ies) to the child is over, families must confront the long term effects resulting from the abuse. Many children who sustain Abusive Head Trauma injuries have long term care needs including medical needs, therapeutic needs, and educational concerns. The Shaken Baby Alliance walks with families through this maze of services and assists families in determining the needs of their child and accessing these services to help the child reach his or her potential. Since 1998, we have helped over 4000 family victim members.

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