Forensic Investigative Training


Since 1998, The Shaken Baby Alliance has provided valuable forensic investigative training programs for professionals including law enforcement, child protection, medical practitioners, and legal professionals related to child welfare issues. In 2012, based on the success of the forensic child abuse investigation program, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services asked The Shaken Baby Alliance to develop an Advanced Forensic Investigation Training program related to crimes against the elderly and persons with disabilities. Due to the success of the elder abuse forensic investigation program we were then asked to develop a training related to the Mental Health and Physical Conditions in the Elderly.

As mandatory training for law enforcement officers on topics related to officer/public safety, mass casualty incidents, human trafficking, and other homeland security issues have increased, many law enforcement and legal agencies have had to dedicate training funds normally used for specialized forensic training related to crimes against persons to these mandatory classes and now they do not have funding for specialized training such as child and elder abuse. Officers increasingly call The Shaken Baby Alliance to request scholarships in order to attend the training we offer. This increase in scholarship requests has dramatically impacted The Shaken Baby Alliance budget. SBA offers every forensic investigative professional who asks, a scholarship when requested, along with training materials free of charge.






Risk factors for SBS/AHT include young parents, premature babies, unstable family situations, low socioeconomic status, and child-care providers with little or no experience or understanding of child care development.  SBA also provides our DVD When Babies Cry to over 2,000 community members annually, including teachers, child care providers, hospitals and professionals. Our target populations include: 

 a. Middle & High School Students
As crying is the number one trigger for shaken baby syndrome, When Babies Cry, We Cope targets middle and high school students. We offer tools to cope with a crying baby and reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 
b. Community Childcare Providers 
Texas state law SB558 (1999) mandates that registered and licensed child care providers have one hour of yearly education on SBS, SIDS, and early brain development. Our Community SBS Prevention Education program addresses this need. Target audiences include churches, foster parent associations, probation departments, juvenile probation departments, youth agencies, and child care provider associations.  
Pease contact Maribel Neal for more information. 
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