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SBA provides a full range of forensic investigative training programs for professionals including law enforcement, child protection, medical practitioners, First Responders, and legal professionals related to child physical abuse, child welfare, and elder abuse. Our training is designed to give the MDT a broad base of the medical aspects of child physical abuse to build the investigation on scientific forensic principles. Our most vulnerable victims often cannot tell us what has happened to them. Instead, the investigation is dependent upon the training, knowledge, and experience of the MDT charged with the duty to investigate and protect these victims. SBA training provides the information necessary to understand the mechanism of injury related to physical abuse and equip participants with the tools necessary to accurately investigate child abuse cases and make solid decisions that will successfully impact the case. Our Advanced Forensic Investigations Training program promotes a consistent, coordinated Multidisciplinary Team Response to serious cases of child physical abuse and neglect and improves the coordination between the criminal justice system and the civil child protection system. First Responder training is designed to meet the needs of these professionals to focus on the immediate crisis at the scene in order to identify potential abuse cases at their earliest onset. Sample areas covered include:

  1. Communication Across Disciplines:The MDT in Action
  2. Medical Aspects of Child Physical Abuse & Neglect
  3. Child Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities
  4. Child Neglect:The Silent Killer
  5. Natural/Accidental Death vs. Homicide:What the Investigator Needs to Know
  6. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS):Natural Death vs. Homicide:What the First Responder Needs to Know
  7. Forensic Investigative Techniques:The 12 Elements of the Successful Forensic Investigation
  8. Forensic Pathology of Child Physical Abuse
  9. Scene Investigation & Photography – Building the Visual Case for Court
  10. Timeline Development
  11. Interviewing & Confrontational Interviews:Before, During, & After: The Devil is in the Details
  12. Interrogating the Child Physical Abuse Suspect: Themes, Strategies, and Admission vs. Confession
  13. Building the Legal Case:How the Investigation Impacts the Court Presentation
  14. Case Studies Practical Exercise:Putting Our Knowledge to Work

Since 2000, we have trained over 16,700 professionals. To sustain the high quality, up to date training for which SBA is known, we continually use evaluation data and feedback from participant surveys to improve the content and curriculum. Just as we are known for utilizing a multidisciplinary faculty to teach, we also use multidisciplinary professionals and curriculum specialists to develop blocks of curriculum as a team. This approach ensures our curriculum mirrors our philosophy of teaching – using the MDT in all aspects of the development and implementation of the training program.

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