Advanced Techniques in Joint Child Abuse Investigations

Advanced Techniques in Joint Child Abuse Investigations is a highly rated investigations program that has consistently provided up-to-date training for professionals involved in child physical abuse and child death cases for over 15 years. The Shaken Baby Alliance has partnered with leading experts in the field of child abuse, along with agencies throughout the United States to develop outstanding training to meet the needs of professionals. This training is based on the philosophy that professionals with a strong foundational understanding of the medical aspects of child abuse and forensic investigative techniques will be provided with the tools necessary to investigate cases of child abuse. The following CEU’s are offered for attendance at both days from 8 am – 5pm.

  • 16 Social Work CEU’s
  • 16 hours TCOLE

 Course Content:

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - A focus on what the investigator needs to know to assist in determining natural death vs. hom-icide
  • Medical Aspects of Child Abuse – Foren-sic markers of abuse/neglect vs. accidental injury. An overview of skin injuries, frac-tures, abdominal injuries and head injuries.
  • Forensic Investigative Techniques – Established protocol, the multi-disciplinary team, consent, scene investigation, inter-viewing, evidence, timeline development, scene reconstruction, ongoing training, and resources.
  • Scene Investigation & Photography – Photography techniques for injury and sce-ne photographs, scene sketches and doc-umentation
  • Timeline Development – Developing case facts into a visual timeline.
  • Interview & Interrogation – The differ-ence between interviewing vs. interroga-tion, planning the interview, developing themes, confronting denials, and using alternative questions to gain the admission/confession from the alleged perpetrator/suspect.
  • Legal Aspects of Building a Case for Court – How professionals involved in child abuse cases can impact a case from offense to prosecution, Brady, hearsay, and tips for testifying effectively.



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