The Forensic Investigation in Child Physical Abuse/Child Death Cases: Making a Difference Together: Presented by the Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center

Training Registration - Marble Falls,TX | Nov 01, 2017 - Nov 02, 2017

Riverbend Conference Center
704 1st Street
Marble Falls, TX 78654
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Agency Partner -Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center

The Forensic Investigation in Child Physical Abuse/Child Death Cases:  Making a Difference Together is a highly rated investigations program that has consistently provided up-to-date training for professionals involved in child physical abuse and child death cases.  For over 17 years,  he Shaken Baby Alliance has partnered with leading experts in the field of child abuse, along with agencies throughout the United States to produce Best Practice training to meet the needs of the multi-disciplinary professional.  This training is based on the philosophy that professionals with a strong foundational understanding of the medical aspects of child abuse and forensic investigative techniques will be provided with the tools necessary to investigate, prosecute, and ultimately protect children.  To this end, our training team is composed of multidisciplinary team members including medical providers, investigators, educators, and consultants in the field of child physical abuse and child death investigations.

This course is open to law enforcement, prosecutors, child protective services, CASA, first responders, social workers, medical practitioners, and other allied professionals. 

Course Content

Medical Aspects of Child Physical Abuse – A discussion using visuals of Forensic markers of abuse/neglect vs. accidental injury related to skin injuries, fractures, abdominal injuries, and head injuries as well as the timing of symptoms, mechanism of injury, child development, and what investigators should/should not ask the medical provider.

Forensic Investigative Techniques – The Twelve Elements of the Forensic Investigation© and case studies will be utilized to show how the use of this systematic approach to child physical abuse investigations successfully impact the outcome of the case.

Child Death Cases: Natural Death vs. Homicide - A discussion with case studies showing the importance of the scene investigation in the determination of a natural/accidental death vs. homicide. Participants will be provided with specific examples of findings at the scene of a natural or accidental death involving an infant compared to a homicide and the importance of the First Responder in reaching an accurate finding.

Forensic Pathology of Child Physical Abuse - A discussion with case studies showing the impact of child abuse and its many forms, with emphasis on using the Twelve Elements of the Forensic Investigation© to properly plan, evaluate, and investigate the case. The value of consultations with experienced professionals and utilizing visuals and other demonstrative evidence to aid in determining the mechanism of injury using the present state of medical science.

Timeline Development – Examples of timelines with a focus on bringing the myriad facts/documents in child physical abuse/ child death cases together to form a clear, concise, and thorough visual document representing which caregiver was with the child when the injury occurred. Case studies will be used to show the process of timeline development.

Case Studies/Practical – This module provides participants with an opportunity to utilize The Twelve Elements of the Successful Investigation© using provided case studies. The class will be divided into small groups and each group will develop their case study and present the information to the class.

Team Meeting – This module is provided for the local MDT to utilize as chosen to synthesize the information provided from the training to build a stronger MDT team. 


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