Our Team

The Shaken Baby Alliance promotes a multidisciplinary TEAM approach in all aspects of our programming areas to meet the needs of our victim family members and professionals.

The Shaken Baby Alliance is built on a model of family and professionals working together to meet the mission of the agency. Just as our Board of Directors is made of Victim Family Members and Professionals working together, our staff and volunteers reflect this same family and professional makeup.

The agency has experienced tremendous growth due to the ability of us individually, and collectively to work together in a community spirit as employees, contractors, faculty, and volunteers of the agency.

We believe by working together, we can make meet the needs of victim family members and professionals, protect children and the elderly, and obtain justice for the innocent victims.

We count our success on the fact that we have formed very strong partnerships over the years with people and agencies across this city, our state, our nation, and the world.

When our three co-founders (Mom’s of babies who had been diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome) came together, they simply wanted to create an agency that would provide support to families during the darkest period of their life and offer hope.

We soon realized that professionals in the field of child and elder maltreatment needed support also. There was no training specific to the forensic investigation of child or elder physical abuse being offered and legal professionals and law enforcement began calling us asking for technical assistance. We knew we needed to meet the needs of BOTH these populations and to do so, we all needed to work together as a TEAM.

We are proud of our TEAM members and hope you will be inspired to join us through many of the methods you can Get Involved