Our three core programs reflect our mission. We learned early on that Family Victim Support was not enough. We needed to seek justice for our victims, and provide training to prevent other families from living this horror.

From those realizations evolved our three core services:

Family Victim Support

When a child is abused, family members are thrust into a situation that is frightening, frustrating, and often devastating on many levels including emotional, financial, and physical. Read More

Prevention Training

Since 1998, The Shaken Baby Alliance has provided valuable forensic investigative training programs for professionals including law enforcement, child protection, medical practitioners, and legal professionals related to child welfare issues. Read More

Case Consultation

To date, all of our case consults have resulted in successful legal outcomes and the demand for our quality services have skyrocketed due to this success. In 2015, we consulted on over 150 cases. Read More



  • When I served as the 31st District Attorney I had a rural 5 county jurisdiction with limited resources to assist with complicated cases.  I reached out to the Shaken Baby Alliance for help with a case involving the death of a 3 month old baby and could not have been more grateful for all the help I received from them.  They quickly provided me with referrals to experts in the field of abusive head trauma, provided me with a doll made to the baby’s height and weight specifications and gave me assistance in trial strategy and cross examination of defense witnesses.

    Attorney Lynn Switzer

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