Alex C. Lewis, J.D.

Deputy Criminal Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Northern District of Texas

Alex Lewis, J.D. began his career as an Assistant County Prosecutor in Springfield, Missouri.  After a brief stint in civil practice, he joined the United States Department of Justice in 2003 and has now been a criminal prosecutor for over twenty years.  Mr. Lewis has been an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas since 2007 and currently serves as the Deputy Criminal Chief of the Fort Worth Division.  He served as the Computer Hacking Intellectual Property (CHIP) point-person for the Fort Worth Division and Co-Project Safe Childhood coordinator for the Northern District of Texas.  Mr. Lewis handles an extremely diverse range of criminal investigations and prosecutions but his main focus has been the prosecution of child exploitation crimes.  He has played a key role in over 50 jury trials throughout his 15 year career as a federal and state prosecutor. 

Alex has a strong belief that all children, the elderly, and people with disabilities deserve to be safe and justice should serve all innocent victims.  He is a tough prosecutor who is well respected by his peers for his knowledge, compassion, and kindness.    

Alex serves on The Shaken Baby Alliance Advisory Council, We Love Kids Telethon Committee, and the Case Consultation Services Team where he uses his years of experience and vast legal knowledge to provide technical support for investigators and legal professionals who request assistance.